Staff Roster
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Name Title Department Email
Case, Brent Principal Office
Huber, Heather Assistant Principal Office
Kapla, Scott Assistant Principal Office
Zaborowski, Sean Athletic Director Office
Goodwin, Lora Secretary-Assistant Principal's & Athletic Director Office
Horne, Katherine Secretary-Counselors Office
Rahaman, Jennifer Secretary-Principal Office
Secretary-Attendance Office
Secretary-Records Office
Adams, Keva Special Education 233
Arnold, Laura Counselor Office
Barranca, Matthew English 130
Beach, Amy Mathematics 201
Boone, Kelly Science 211
Bowen, Natalie Foreign Language 232
Brown, Brad Mathematics 229
Brunson, Verdell Social Worker Office
Buckberry, Colette Foreign Language 234
Burnett, Brian English 237
Candela, Joyce Media Specialist Library
Carr, John ISS Supervisor 103
Cheney, Dan Business Education 106
Cody, David English 121
Culver, Susan Mathematics 227
Decker, Amanda Health 105
DiBartolomeo, Sara English 155
Findlay, Jennifer English 222
Fralick, Devon English 108
Givinsky, Stephanie Science 209
Gmutza, Alice E2020 M.C.
Goike, Paul Social Studies 112
Guastella, Christina Mathematics 203
Haberek, Benjamin Mathematics 201
Hager, Christine Science 212
Haratsaris, Emmanuel Social Studies 122
Herr, Sam Physical Education Gym
Hill, Kristine Science 206
Hitt, Jamie Special Education 235
Humphries, Julie Physical Education Gym
Johnson, Stephanie Special Education 154
Kalinowski, Tracy Mathematics 147
Kaspari, Jeffrey Social Studies/Foreign Language 236
Kedrow, Jason Physical Education Gym
Kinyon, Kyle Academic Intervention Coach 235
Kukulski, Jackie Para Pro 141
Leija, Lauren Speech Pathologist Office
Maus, Nathan Math/English 228
Miley, Kurt English 226
Myer, Julie Counselor Office
Nelson, Richard Physical Education Gym
Nicholl, Steven Science 207
Orsucci, Marisa Social Worker Office
Oster, David Social Studies 123
Payne, Lisa Music 149/151
Price, Jolaine CTE: Drafting and Design Tech: Website 145
Rakozy, Nicole English/Social Studies 110
Rayner, Keith Art 137
Resin, Lena English 224
Roberson, Nicole English 153
Savalle, Anthony English 124
Schneider, James Auto Technology/Industrial Education 130
Schuur, Katie Art 136
Art 134
Sharp, Sharada Art 132
Smith, Shane Social Studies 107
Sorgeloos, Jackie Counselor Office
Spano, Nick Business 231
Stokes, Terri Special Education
Thompson, Jodi Music 149/151
Threet, Patrick Computer Aps 143
Ventimiglia, Christina Special Education
Verhelle, Shannon Special Education-Hearing Impaired 109
Vogel, Marilyn Special Education-Hearing Impaired 109
Walker, Theresa Special Education 233
Wetzel, Kristen Science 220
Wilkins, Paul Science 210
Yurenka, Carrie English & Yearbook 139
Mathematics 205
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